Old School

Crop top - vintage 
Skirt - Damyller 
Oversized denim jacket - vintage 
Sneakers - here 

Um dos meus looks favoritos até agora. Nós tiramos essas fotos algum tempo atrás, e eu estava tão ansiosa para posta-las aqui porque eu amo esse look. Adoro como ele parece tão legal sem nenhum esforço. Além disso, suas vibes old school me fazem desejar vestir isso todo dia. É tão confortável e, sinceramente, é o tipo de roupa que eu mais gosto de estar vestindo. Na verdade, eu adoro jaquetas jeans. Estou pensando massivamente em adicionar mais algumas para minha coleção. Elas fazem qualquer look mais interessante e nunca deixam de dar ao look um ar de anos 90. 
De qualquer forma, semana que vem vai ser um pouco diferente do habitual. Dando à vocês uma dica: vai ter vídeo!
Mesmo assim, me digam o que acharam desse look!


One of my favorite outfits so far. We took those pictures some time ago, and I was so anxious to post them here because I love this look. I love how it looks so effortless cool. Plus, its old school vibes make me want to wear it every day. It's so comfortable and, frankly, it's the kind of clothing I most enjoy wearing. In fact, I love denim jackets. I'm thinking massively about adding a few more to my collection. They make any outfit more interesting and never fail to give to the look an 90s air.
Anywayss, next week is going to be a bit different from usual. Giving you guys a tip: there will be a video!
Even so, tell me what you think of this outfit!

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18 comentários

  1. Love your page!!! xx

    IG: @stylenomads

  2. I love everything about this so much! The photos are just incredible and I love the location where you shot them because it truly is reminiscent of school and gives off nostalgic vibes for me! And of course.. you can never go wrong with a cozy denim jacket.. so 90's and so vintage and always makes the outfit look that much more on point. Awesome post as usual Lu! <333

    1. Awnnn thank you so much, Susanna!! Your comments are always so cool! I loved the analysis you made for this look <33333

  3. Love your style and the scenery in which you took the photos!! Can't wait to see your next blog post


    M x

  4. What a badass outfit Lu! I love that killer jacket and those silver platform shoes are so cute!! <3 and those glasses definetely give the outfit all the 90's vibes! :)

    1. Thank you, Krissia!! Glad you liked dear :))

  5. I would totally wear this look - except I don't have the pretty pink hair to match!


  6. Absolutely love this look, total 90s vibes, you look badass girl <3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx