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To change things a bit, I decided to make a wishlist with some dresses from an incredible store that I found recently.
We all know how important it is to have evening dresses for any events. We also know that stores with quality dresses and affordable prices are best for choosing a dress. Millybridal UK therefore meets all these requirements. Its dresses are breathtaking (so so many beauties). In addition, the dresses are all with great finishes and rich in detail which makes me want to have every single one. The prices are great if you analyze the quality of the dresses (and believe me, it's difficult nowadays to find a store with these qualities).
The store has a huge variety of dresses, but what caught my attention were the Cheap Evening Dresses. They are neutral ones and perfect for occasions that require let's say a little more formality.
I hope you have enjoyed it and don't forget to take a look at the wonderful dresses from Millybridal UK!

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  1. Nice sharing :) This is one of my favorite posts that you've done. Edward Gelber, M.D., Board-Certified Child Psychiatrist

  2. OOOoooo #4 is so nice!! Now I just need an occasion...

  3. nice post:)beautiful evening dresses.
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