Spring Vibes - Sunglasses Wishlist | Zaful

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Nothing better than a good sunglasses to complement a spring outfit. I was taking a look at Zaful and found some nice sunnies, perfect for the season that just came here, and I decided to make a wishlist to share with you guys. My favorite is the last one, since I've been looking for one of these in a while. Which one is your favorite?

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6 comentários

  1. Eu amei o segundo, e o meu favorito! <3 E segue bem o estilo que eu curto.

  2. These are such cool glasses! Too hard to pick a favourite! :)

    I hope that you have had a lovely weekend! Warmer here today, which is nice after a cold week last week, but the rain is back which isn't so good!

    1. Yess, I love them all too :)
      Thanks! Here is the opposite, it's getting cold, although it's spring now lol

  3. I currently own the 5th pair of your wishlist, they're from Zaful too and ahh let me tell you, i love them!. Also i'm seeking for another pair, the 2nd and the 4th pair are my favs here 💕