Autumn Vibes

Tee - old 
Jeans - here 
Sweater - similar  
Hat - here 
Rings - similar here & here 

I decided to make a special post for my readers of the northern hemisphere! As I live in Brazil, which is in the southern hemisphere, the climate here is totally different from the climate of the countries of the other hemisphere. That way, when it's summer here (and I post my summer outfits for you guys) there is actually fall/winter. So as it rained here and the weather get a little cold, I took my autumn clothes (and accessories!) from my wardrobe and I set up a look with some autumn vibes for you dear readers who are experiencing this wonderful season that is the autumn!
This look is, for me, the perfect combo for an autumn day. Not only by the "game" of colors, but also by the richness of details.
By the way, a great way to achieve that richness of details is by adding accessories. As lately I'm loving more minimalist accessories, I can't help but present a wonderful store called AUrate. This store is simply amazing, not only because its accessories are amazing and with a modern and sophisticated design, but also because they care about social causes. Is not it incredible?
I selected some earrings from the store that I simply LOVED and which, incidentally, are perfect for adding the flawless details to the autumn outfit:

I just selected a few, of course, since the store has many options, each one more beautiful than the other. And you guys? Any tips to make autumn outfits much more interesting?

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4 comentários

  1. Loving the outfit! It's nice that you decided to make an autumnal one even through it's summer where you live :) Love the sweater/cardigan, especially its color :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. In love with those jeans hahaa but yeah this look is so cool girl! at least you could wear it in summer haha
    Instagram: @veronicamgx