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Accepting your hair the way it is, of course, can be very difficult. My hair was always very full, and that was something I hated. Time passed and along with self knowledge came the self acceptance. Of course this isn't only applicable to hair, but to many things in relation to how you see yourself. But today, specifically, I'm going to talk a little bit about how I started to accept the true color and true type of my hair.
Adolescence always proves to be a very often troubled moment in our lives, and it was at this point in my life that I created the blog and began to share my perspectives on style and the like. The creation of this blog was essential to understand many things about myself, it was of extreme importance for self knowledge and the delineation of what really is my personal style. But something that was never solved for me was my relationship with my hair. I was constantly trying to change it and even though I loved doing it and I didn't regret it, it broke up with me. I was never a person who cared a lot about keeping my hair healthy, and every time I changed and my hair needed that special care, I was simply sloppy.
This is something I'm still trying to change, I'll admit. But now, for the first time in a long time, I'm happy with my hair. The fact that I wanted to change it constantly only showed me how dissatisfied I was with my hair the way it was. So now, I'm leaving my hair in its natural color and spontaneously accepting it in the way it turns out: with a lot of volume.
Something that always came with the volume (and that I never really liked but now I'm loving) were the natural waves. I believe that you have already noticed that my hair is this way in the last posts, that is, with natural waves. That's because I'm leaving it natural and I'm loving it!
In my case, getting the natural waves is not difficult at all. But sometimes, you are looking for more definite waves, so I've separated a post for you about easily curling the hair. In it you will find some very good tips for obtaining definite curls or, even, natural waves.
I hope you liked the post of today and would love to know if you like to leave your hair natural or not :) kisses for all of you

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9 comentários

  1. Your hair is so beautiful! I have naturally curly hair that gets frizzy, so I get Japanese hair straightening done. I wish I could accept my natural hair.

    1. Thank you so much, Emma!! It's a lengthy and difficult process but it's so so good when u finally found acceptance. I'm still in the progress, of course, but I can say that's a great thing to try :)

  2. Beautiful your pictures !
    I really like your hair ...

  3. Love your dress, great summer look!